Fuck my entire life. My computer died. It started smoking this afternoon and smelled like burnt plastic for most of the night. When I checked on it again the charger wasn’t charging anymore. I managed to salvage most of my random files, but all my music and movies weren’t backed up anywhere 😦 FML

Updates will still be coming, but they’re gonna be limited and very crap/draft quality on account of an iPhone being nothing like a replacement computer. But it’ll have to do for now.

I did go outside and had some quiet time in the hammock. How much do I really need a computer? What if my computer dying was a good thing? So I could focus on other things? But then I thought about my new stencil art, resumes and job apps, and my blogging and internet addictions. Sucks. I need a computer. And I wish I knew how to recover my movies, porns, and music. 😦

Here’s the haiku I wrote about it:
i called it: compy | time of death, 10:32 | fml this sucks

Pride Machine Night

Dyke Night at the Machine was a lot of fun too. We got there at 11 in the rain and waited just for a little bit. Got inside and waited in line for the hella long bathroom line. WTF. Dancing was fun, awkward dancing was even more fun. Saw lots of women, didn’t see as many people I know, but I made some new friends sorta.

Weirdest part of the night was when some random girl flanked me and took pictures of me. I was bewildered and didn’t really know what to do. The weirdest stuff happens to me when I’m out dancing.

Looking forward to more dancing soon!

Revival Edit: I think this is when I first saw her. We’ll see…


Holy shit, I got to meet Raja, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3, go check it out if you haven’t yet. She was the fiercest bitch, and I called it that she would win last November, before the season started. She’s super tall, really funny and nice in person.

The drag show was on Thursday night, and I normally don’t go out in the week, but it was important. I don’t think I’ve ever fan-girled as much, and I still do if anyone asks about Raja, which they don’t. I keep trying to bring it up in conversation but no one really cares.

Ridiculous fierce. Her second costume and performance.

She performed two songs. The first one she came out smoking a cigarette and security tried to tell her to cut it out. LMAO. Miss Mizery also performed twice, and I guess she emcees regularly for their Thursday night shows. In her second performance, Raja walked off the stage and danced on the floor for a bit.

After the show she came out and thanked Boston, saying Boston was slow to show dick pics on Grindr, and that she expected everyone to be like Jujubee aka “chinky messes” – roffles, but that she had a good time in Boston. She called out some of the audience for being ridiculous, but in a super funny way. I just love her even more now. AND I have pictures and videos to prove it! Ask me about it sometime, I’ll go fangirl on you, you’ll see.