Fuck my entire life. My computer died. It started smoking this afternoon and smelled like burnt plastic for most of the night. When I checked on it again the charger wasn’t charging anymore. I managed to salvage most of my random files, but all my music and movies weren’t backed up anywhere 😦 FML

Updates will still be coming, but they’re gonna be limited and very crap/draft quality on account of an iPhone being nothing like a replacement computer. But it’ll have to do for now.

I did go outside and had some quiet time in the hammock. How much do I really need a computer? What if my computer dying was a good thing? So I could focus on other things? But then I thought about my new stencil art, resumes and job apps, and my blogging and internet addictions. Sucks. I need a computer. And I wish I knew how to recover my movies, porns, and music. 😦

Here’s the haiku I wrote about it:
i called it: compy | time of death, 10:32 | fml this sucks

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