Music Monday: Glee + Adele

So in about 20 hours and 10 minutes Glee is gonna be on.  I’m not a crazy Gleek or anything  I will actually have to have a separate post on my relationship with Glee later. Anyway.

The 300th song is an Adele mashup. Just watch it already. I’ve already watched it about 100 times.

More after the cut

The performance is what’s so great about it. There’s a lot going on between Brit and Santana and it hurts me a little bit. I have a feeling this episode on Tuesday is gonna be angsty as hell.

I just UNF Naya Rivera. She’s just such a great singer. Such a great actor. I will admit she’s not the best dancer, but damn that girl can sing.

I also love how Amber and Naya’s voices are just perfect for each other.

Can you tell I’m stoked about this episode? It’s gonna be a good one. I might have to liveblog it…

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