What I’ve been up to since!

I went to visit my family in NM for a good chunk of July, we took a road trip to Colorado and had lots of sibling bonding times. Miss those fools. I wrapped up my last year living in debt, poverty, and eternal gratitude because I got to transition into a full time position with my org. I lucked the fuck out, I can’t even explain how happy I am where I am right now.

September came and we moved to JP. I fucking love JP and it’s fantastic. It feels like a college town almost. Last weekend I walked down to the stitch and knit store, and it was a beautiful day. I just love it. And my roomies are pretty awesome. At first I was a little bitter/lonely being a fifth wheel aka living with two couples. I dunno if you’ve ever lived with two couples, but it seemed super intimidating at first. We had an epic housewarming party though and invited 30 some people to come over. We even had a food & diddy competition and drunk kickball. Fantastic. We still don’t have a name for the house yet, because Mermaid Jewels didn’t stick :<

Look at these babies, and they got vetoed.

It’s pretty chill and they’re all my good friends. Two of them I lived with last year and the other two are good friends from college. We go do gay things together! Machine Second Saturdays, Milky Way for Fourth Fridays, we even went down to awkward Randolph Country Club for an unforgettable night. I’m thinking my new fav is Queeraoke at the Midway, it’s down the street, 10 minute walk.

Went to Halloween party at the House of Blues, we had a kickass time. We’re the Blue Man Group! And we have corresponding Jersey Shore characters to match too. If you see me around, especially one particular girl who I see all the time but don’t have the literal or figurative balls to ask to dance and we’ve been dancing around each other (pun super intended) for months now say hi! I’d love to chat 🙂

And that’s my life since 🙂 I’m working on different projects now, this social media identity is an attempt to connect with other queerios on the internets. Because if there’s any dinosaur I’m not gonna lose, it’s social media, gayness, and my from-the-outside-unassumingly crazy ass.

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