Celeb Crush “Friday”: Lucy Lawless

So my Celeb Crush posts were supposed to be on Fridays, but I got intimidated and procrastinated . Which is silly because this is an opportunity to gush about my favorite celebs and why I wanna sex them all. It’s intimidating because for some celebs I have tons to say (see below) but it’s also highly likely that I’ll get sidetracked, distracted, or carried away with my gushing (that sounds way worse than I meant it to). Onwards!

Oh hey Lucy Lawless

I could do the long version, but short story: my family used to watch Xena every Saturday night after we went to church, and Lucy Lawless would win my heart. Forever. Seriously, I think Xena first awakened my gay and I would later realize, in college, that I had always been gay for Lucy/Xena.

I fucking LOVE Xena. The show, the characters, Lucy, Renee. The whole shebang. We watched practically every episode of that show because we were always at home and generally never did anything with other people. We were hermits. Antisocial, sickly and pale. Not much has changed really.

I have the DVD boxset. I was gonna get an armband tattoo of the chakram. It’s still a possibility too. I named my abacus Lucy. (Extra bonus nerd points?) I have a 4 foot poster of Lucy that I made still haven’t put it up yet but that’s besides the point with this picture:

OMG can you be sexier/classier/more beautiful? Okthx

I’ve visited Lucy’s official fanpage/personal website, many a time, and wish I had the time and energy to keep up with Lucy’s life. She’s a hilarious actor and person, she’s a great mom, and really cares for her fans. Lucy has the most beautiful voice and trained to be an opera singer before she did Xena. Did you remember how much she actually sang on the show? And none of that bullshit Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber crap pop music. Real, emotional, and amazing.

She’s a great comedian, most of my proof are episodes from XWP, but I don’t know them off the top of my head. Some of my favorite episodes were ones where Lucy and Renee got to be silly, which then translated into romantic/cutesy. Which I loved! See: A Day in the Life, Old Ares Had a Farm, any of the Xena look-a-like episodes Warrior Princess Tramp, any episode with Autolycus in it, and plenty of others. Check out some of XWP bloopers too (below). Lucy as Stevie Nicks on SNL.

Goodness, high def Lucy

Of course Lucy was also a great dramatic actor:

Not gonna lie, I almost started tearing up watching that vid. Xena was a complex character and I loved Lucy for being Xena. It wouldn’t have worked with any other actress, and for that I’m truly thankful.

I haven’t seen to much of her other work. Xena Warrior Princess was my favorite and watching her in other stuff doesn’t do it for me, it’s not the same. I saw a few episodes of Lucy in Battlestar Galactica, and saw her cameo in Spiderman, Flight of the Conchords, and have Bitch Slap saved on my compy. I’ve heard she’s pretty raunchy aka great in Spartacus, but haven’t ever seen it.

So yeah, I love Lucy Lawless and wish XWP could have a comeback. In the meantime, I’ll keep watching bloopers and tribute videos other rabid fans post on Youtube:

Check out 0:59

The original bloopers from each season


A different note: Xena & Gabrielle, my super OTP (one true pairing) soulmates forever!

Just make out already!!

If you were ever an XWP fan, you’d know how serious these two were. THEY HAD A CHILD TOGETHER AND RAISED IT AS THEIR BABY. They went through hell and back (several times) and still stuck through til the end. Another really important episode was the beauty pageant episode where a female impersonator won the pageant. It was poignant and I remember discussing it with my family. It’s really interesting to think back on my somewhat conservative and religious family watching a show (after mass) about the most romantic and eternal same-sex couple to ever grace TV. And my family wonders how I turned out gay…

A super silly song about lesbianism with the best Xena/Gabs clips from the show.

Xena and Gabs forever

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