Sibling abuse

My siblings are huge jerks and I gonna try my best to document as much of it as I possibly can.

First things first, I get to the airport and instead of waiting with all the other families on the other side of security, these fools were trying to hide from me. When I came closer, they ran away. This happened at least 3 times before I got my checked bag.

We go to Frontier, as part of my new tradition, and they make me pay. It only sort of works because I couldn’t find my ID. I freak out a little bit and my sis’s boyfriend covers for me. Embarrassing.  They present me with a certificate of completion for “troll beating” and spell my name wrong. Awesome. Seriously though, my certificates are great. Not as great as the trifold brochures they used to make, but still pretty cool.

Get home, and I see Edwards! She pretends to not be interested, but is supremely curious about new smells and such. She meows and me and I try to share a tidbit of info I learned: cats only vocally communicate with people, they communicate with other cats through their body language. My brother is a jerk and says “Oh [sis], did you know that when cats are meowing, they’re talking to us? And did you know that when people speak, they’re talking to other people?”

It continues…

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