Lols and yums

Oh shit, I took a break to watch a snippet of this, but I had to #shutitdown only two minutes edit: min 28 seconds in for laughing inappropriately late/early in my room. loooooooooooolll theugliestboyintheworld lololololllllllloooooooool

Will I ever learn to cover my internet trails? Time will tell. I mean, I can’t run for office that’s for sure. Ever, that’s all I gotta say. *cough* pron reviews *cough Though…Newt is doing pretty well in the polls considering…

Oh and yummm, from one of my secret webcomic loves, secret only bcuz of the full on raunch, especially these:

Snow Queen

Meltwater One Two Three

Solstice One Two

Rouge Arsenal One Two Three

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