3 Things and Why

1) Me time after work. I took a nap and watched RuPaul, then ate some dinner and finished up that movie Station Agent with Peter Dinklage. I had a rough day and this was exactly what I needed.
2) Lunch went well. Bon Me was nice and I got to talk with K about some stuff that’s going on her life. I enjoy one on one time and it’s interesting to see/hear what a HS perspective is like and not like my own. I got to share some of my food and induct more kids to Bon Me.
3) Lots of walking today which was good for me because I want/need to get more exercise. It’s still chilly out but the field trip was relaxing if only for the walk. The field trip was pretty fun and I hope the boys had a good time. Gotta get more sleep so my aching body can heal up more, I think that’s why I had such and off day.

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