3 things that went well today and why Challenge

After reading this article, http://www.bakadesuyo.com/2012/05/the-most-proven-technique-for-increasing-long/ I wrote a whole bunch at work (oops). Guess I got caught up in the passion of the moment and ran with it.

So here goes for 3-17:

1) My gift for B went over well! I worked hard on it and she loved it. I think we have a great friendship and I wanted to show her how
much I appreciate having her around since.., getting to know her better this year and generally just being one of the greatest friends anyone can have.
2) My Circle speech about what’s going on and my feelings towards the group. I wanna have fun, safety, respect and taking turns. Peachie as a reward. It went well because I told the group how I felt and how I think things should be. It wasn’t judgmental, stern but not attacking. I felt relaxed through saying it and it was interesting to hear myself say it. I hope there can be a change or that the kids actually listened to me.
3) My first big breakthrough of the day was recommitting to blogging. It’s for ME and I have a game plan to bring myself back from the dead! A goal, a promise to myself because I said I would!

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