St. Patricks Day Revival

I’m recommitting myself to doing this for me because blogging / writing / reflecting has been a big part of my life, a potential direction (that I’m secretly very excited and hopeful for), but also to reconnect with myself. It’s a reflection tool that I always use or turn back to when I’m feeling lost or down or out. And the awesome thing about reflection is that it’s a tool for awareness as well. Unless you’re a vampire and you don’t see something in your reflection, blogging/journalling/whatever I call this has always been a way for me to think deeply about things and put down my feelings. I have all the feels and always have lots to say in writing that I need a space, an outlet, and time to do me. This is me-time online and I’d always hoped my blog could get bigger, but always doubted myself. This time I’ve got a goal, I’ve got a solid plan and I’m gonna try my best to stick to it. What’s that quote, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, it matters how often you get up” or something like that.

I’ve always been worried about the scope of my blog, who would read it? or how to publicize or what topics to write about or avoid. Who wants to read the rantings of a lunatic? It doesn’t matter anymore.
I was at a youth conference and we did a simple yoga warmup in a room full of people. We were seated and the risk level was low, but it was refreshing and easy to do. I stretch when I get up in the morning now. As I was leaving the conference, one of my good friend/mentors and I started talking about yoga and how it’s “for you” and not to compare to others or to be self conscious about it. Yoga should be about how it makes you feel, and how you connect to your body. This is how I feel about blogging and how I’ve always come back to it.

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