How to be alone 3things

1) I mailed the health insurance thing. I’m a terrible procrastinator, but I was surprised that I actually got my ass in gear and did the thing. We’ll see if everything goes through, let’s hope I’m not a delinquent and my timing works out.

2) The best time to go to Market Basket is Friday night apparently. It’s sad, but I think Friday night grocery shopping is gonna be my new thing. I managed to get a whole bunch of food and I’m very overdue for having food in the house. I need to be wayyy better at managing my feedings.

3) I made yummy roasted cauliflower and garlic again. Way crispier than last time, but maybe think about doing 350 instead of 450, and definitely throwing in the garlic earlier than I did. I nommed the shit outta it all though! Too bad no one was around to witness that feat.

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