You Go Girl Sunday!

1) I danced my ass off today. Hope the roomies don’t mind..It was a lot of fun and I caught myself smiling in the mirror again 🙂 I need to move about and get my groove on to really feel good. I have lots of solo dance parties and I’ll mix in some stretching and working out too. It’s a lot of fun and I just let go and have fun.

Really jamming to this song lately:

2) I’m catching up on the blog, and I’m surprised that I feel great today! I just updated a whole bunch, put up pictures, and did my weekly checklist and got an A-! Gonna do my Lumosity in a bit and just having a great Sunday.

3) This is actually two, but I did my soroban exercise and I got it on the first try. Go me! And I also got dressed, even though I don’t think I’m gonna rally and go out later. I got dressed for me, self respect points!

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