Jump back in time 3 things

Monday 3-24

1) Program went well because it seemed like they were just normal and I wasn’t giving extra engergy to add to the fire. R was bouncing everywhere, E managed to get some work done, and poor hungry R. It was weird to step back into that role and try my best to support ALL THE KIDS.

2) Lunch was great and I took a walk around the school and read some opinion pieces from the 5th graders. Lot of raw honesty there. My coworkers teased me about my new “eat food to gain weight” diet. So for lunch I told them “I’m going to try that eat food thing.” Yum meatball subs + I got to read over the National Geographic article about wild animals. Was expecting at least one hedgehog reference but meh. The documentary I watched on Netflix kinda spoiled the article for me, but I managed to make it into a writing assignment for the students I work with.

3) I got home and cleaned the poopyhedgiebaby and her wheel. Poopy baby is poopy but she snuggled me a bit and gave me her towel face. Adorbs.

All in all, today could’ve been out of a day in my life from last year…Weird and not at the same time.

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