Ego boost +10 day

Tuesday 3-25

1) Breakfast with KCG was very successful! Schmoozing was anxiety laden, but A and B came up afterwards to talk and that helped a lot. The Mayor was at the breakfast and seemed to know who I was. I was invited to a hang out session with college peoples and I also have a new/old contact to another org in my city. I had met A at another community meeting earlier in the year but had forgotten (damn my inability to remember faces and names sometimes!!). It was ok though and her boss came up to us and said he recognized me. I wonder why I stand out so often. Bouncers at the club “come on, I remember you. Don’t need your ID,” friends of friends have told me they saw me out, neighborhood residents I walk by regularly say hi, my families out in the neighborhood do as well. I guess I’m fairly recognizable, but a few  days ago I was feeling forgotten about, but not entirely forgettable. A weird dynamic where people could easily forget I’m around but if they’d ever spent a significant amount of time interacting with me, I feel like they wouldn’t forget having met me. Or something like that. On my way out of the breakfast, I even got semi-recruited to run for public office by some new city councilors. It reminds me of a year or two ago, one of my students wrote a piece on how I would be a good president because I have an interesting way of looking at things. I don’t think I will in the near future, but he got me to move from “no way” to “I’ll think about it.”

2) Because of the breakfast, I dressed up a bit and wore my painful but sick tan shoes. We did a four corners activity and I came out to the girls group and talked about my own body image issues. It was interesting and I tried to a couple of times before I finally said my piece for the night. All the grade school girls were very supportive and that I was “snappy” looking cute today. I felt awesome and it paid off. All my coworkers were like “oh hey” today. Lol. In the activity I noticed my stance of: looks do have an effect on how people perceive others, but personally, I think I have a very positive relationship with my body and my image. That’s how I came out and talked about my transformation. It was a good day at girls group.

3) Watched RuPaul’s Drag Race and I juts love the queens on the show. Speaking of body image and finding self confidence, RPDR has helped me finally be ok with who and what I am. It helped me rebuild my confidence to where I am now. This season is great, Dela is amazing and should keep winning competitions. Joselyn has really grown on me because she’s a cooperative and supportive friend. She’s also pretty funny. Bianca is still a funny lady, if not brutally honest.

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