More hands on

Thursday 3-27

1) Some Harvard grad students came to interview my boss and she invited me and K to join in. It was really interesting to be interviewed, and it seems like we’ve been doing quite a bit of it lately. It’s very interesting to talk with people who are passionate about the same types of causes and understand where we’re coming from personally and professionally. We talked a lot about partnerships between schools and the academic institutions that surround them, and Harvard’s position relative to our organization’s. I got a chance to speak on behalf of the org, and while I still have a lot of anxiety around speaking publicly, I get over it and settle into a very comfortable place. They were very nice and echoed a lot of what I hear about Harvard’s Ed. school – namely that the theory and the practice are not aligned, and the students want more hands-on work with young people. Work on it Harvard!

2) After that meeting, my co-workers and I did one of our “checking in” sessions where we don’t actually talk about serious things. We talked about accents, books, and cannolis, but for fun. I always enjoy these because we’re just bantering / stalling, but a great bonding moment to laugh and enjoy each others’ personalities. Afterward, I also got to check in more formally with two of my managers. One was difficult but necessary, and the other was not difficult but also necessary. I always feel better after one of those meetings and I hope my staff do too.

3) I got a very expensive head of cauliflower (stick to Market Basket) and while I was waiting for maximum roasted crispy beautifulness, there was lots of roomie time. Hanging with my roomies is always a good time. They love me so much and I love them too, we tease each other a lot and that is what I was missing in my last relationship. Teasing is how I relate to people, and my roommates know how to do it right. That’s the spot! I started asking about their own experience with dating online. I’ve had moderate success, but things haven’t been as easy this time around. I’m working on it, but I wonder if I’m not actually ready for my next relationship and that’s why it seems more of a struggle. Dunno, but my roomies were great. We watched some Alias and I had a nice gay night.

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