Luxuriously lazy

Saturday 3-29

1) I’m counting this for Saturday because. After SYB time, met up with F to go see Joselyn Fox from RPDR!! K was there with another friend M, and we awkwardly danced. Another friend B joins our group and we have a blast! Tall leggy blonde was checking me out? most of the night. Or she managed to be in my line of vision most of the night. No guts, no glory. Aka what always happens to me, I awkwardly and pointedly avoid eye contact when I’m interested. Damnation for my love life. Doesn’t matter. We leave and almost see a fight, decide to hang out at B’s apartment. So I end my “Friday night” on a bed with four nerdy gay boys and we play Never Have I Ever and Hot Seat. Fantastic! Needless to say, I got home early morning and sleep into the afternoon. My luxuriously lazy life. I manage to go nowhere fast with any ladies (per usual) but have more gay boyfriends.

2) Bacon asparagus, self-explanatory and I have plenty for the next few days.

3) She texted me and said she left things on my porch. I was close to getting over her. I’m not sure we can be friends, but I was civil, if terse, when I could’ve been mean. I’ve spent too much time being the bigger person, as dickish as statements go, but it is what it is now. So fuckit. I managed my emotions and think I’m closer to fully moving on.

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