Not A Bad Thing

Drag Race @ Guilt, Wake Up The Earth Saturday, and Game of Thrones this weekend! When do I get to sit and do nothing all day already? I can’t even update my blog on time. Or get my pictures on Facebook in a timely manner. I am having hella fun though and great music to go with it:

One Step at a Time

Tuesday 4-22

1) Walk about in the Arnold Arboretum. Saw my Bonsai friends and sat and wrote for a while. It was so nice to be out among the nature but I have to find a spot without traffic sounds. I even found a cool semi-hidden foot path I haven’t seen before.

2) Ula Cafe for a solo sit, probably one of the first times I’ve gone out and been alone, it was cool and ok. I typed up my piece I wrote and elaborated a little bit too. Sat near an older couple who seemed to be on a first date, it was hella awkward. The other couple was quizzing each other on geographic trivia. How bizzare dates look and feel like…

3) After lots of flip flopping about to go or not to go, I finally bit the bullet and went down to see a college friend on a CD release tour play at a bar. Bar was a little too rowdy/ignorant to appreciate the music. I didn’t get too long to talk to him, but it was nice to see him. His music is great!

Awkward Non Date

Monday 4-21

1) Did the dishes even though I wasn’t going to on principle. I do love my roomies a whole lot and shouldn’t take it out on them instead of saying something.

2) Walked outside to and from Harvard Square for a work social thing. Only two of them, so it was hella awks but also it was ok. Otto’s, Starbucks, and space painter guy. Walking was fantastic, I had my music on and was just being myself out in public with the sun out too.

3) Roomie B time. Guilty hang out? Mebbe, but we had a good time, watched some Game of Thrones and Twilight Zone.

Friends as Family

Sunday 4-20

1) Roomie brunch with lots of licking (haha, ew). B and I ended up watching both Lara Croft movies and she’s right, this is why people think Angelina Jolie is hot. Lots of crotch shots and skimpy outfits. How does she walk around without frontal coverage in Russia? B says “she can’t zip it out cuz of her boobs.” I also saw how/why she got interested in international human rights issues from these movies.

2) Went over to B’s again to help cook dinner. Empanadas, guac, salsa, cinnamon rolls. So fucking good. I met new people at dinner and wasn’t completely inappropriate.

3) We ended the night with fun Cards Against Humanity, which was my second time playing. Lots of stuff going on in a game. Dynamics and politics, inner truths and cattiness comes out…

Playing Games

Saturday 4-19

1) Saw B a couple of times today. K was there and I told them my epic walk of shame story lulz.

2) Saw my South Shore crew and we got food and played Dixit – such a cool group card game with amazing pictures. It was nice to see them all – pups and awkwardness included. Fantastic.

3) Pokebattles with B and his hipster roomie T. Tipsy M in booty shorts and Food Channel on TV.

Twerk It Out

Friday 4-18

1) Hung out with F and M all day. Haven’t seen M in a hot minute, he’s lost weight and looks happy. It was nice to go on adventures all day instead of hang at home. We ate lots of terrible junk food and watched Disney Channel all day = amazing day overall.

2) Went to Machine for K’s b-day celebration. There was a sickening drag show (some of the queens were more performance fierce than RPDR queens) and my gay boys M, M and F came out to dance!

3) And then out of nowhere, “a wild twist appears!” Uh, oh, I’m in trouble…Or not? To be continued…