Slow and steady

Monday 3-31

1) I did the dishes because I like doing dishes. That could be my “most private thing” for OkC. But seriously, I enjoy doing dishes because it gives me a senses of control, I can be as obsessive as I want and no one will complain. It’s meditative and relaxing, I often find myself living in the present the most when I’m washing dishes.

2) Program went well tonight and I think some of it comes from preparing my crew again. They had everything under control. I wish T was a little more kind and fully comprehend our approach to youth work (she knows more traditional style) but the kids had a lot of fun, they again, seemed relaxed and in control of themselves for most of the night. It wasn’t stressful and I left early because they were rocking it!

3) Problem solving for programs went well tonight. I’m surprised because I don’t feel as anxious as I used to when people called out. It’s almost second nature at this point and I can have people fill in or ask favors. Am I leveling up? I also have a performance review coming up…

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