Tea, exercise and reading

Wednesday 4-2

1) Played basketball with M, my first real non-academic interaction with him. We chatted about all sorts of things, basketball drills and layups, his family’s basketball styles, favorites Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks and also Kobe Bryant. There was a big missed opportunity for math, but it was nice. I was feeling tired but playing and running just a bit was nice. I was a solid 0 for 7 or so shots. Terrible. I was not meant to play basketball in this life.

2) Bossypants and taking the T today. It was nice to have reading a book time but I am so bad at the T now it’s painful. I got turned around twice today and just a simple Red to Orange on my commute into Boston and got on the wrong direction after work too. Epic fail and Tina Fey is hilarious.

3) I finally went to Diesel for a chai. I have been meaning to go for some time but goddamn, $4 for a chai tho? I suppose it’s cool and trendy but not that worth it. Starbucks almost seems more affordable at that point, and whytf is that even a statement I’m making? All the baristas are queerish and there are all types hanging out. Wish I could afford to become a regular, but iunno if it’s worth all that trouble. Maybe once a week if I can find a quiet night for a book read.

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