Wasn’t All That Bad

Thursday 4-3

1) I expressed my feelings/concerns/stress verbally twice today and I think it went really well. Once I let my Fellow know exactly why I’d been stressed all day, and the other time, I talked very honestly to the kids about our reasons for being there and they were quiet. It’s always hard for me to verbally express how I’m feeling, but it just came out twice today and it dawned on me on my way home tonight that it helped the pain go away. Deep…

2) My roomies were at home and ready to welcome me. They listened and it was wonderful!

3) I grabbed lunch outside today, went to Bon Me (my spot for a super healthy and high quality lunch aka my comfort food at work) and sat in the park. It was windy and chilly, but the sun was out and the air was so fresh and so clean clean. Helped me clear my head a bit and got some of the stress out too.

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