Teenage Post: Full of Angsty Gratitude

Saturday 4-5

1) I went to the mall to look for some pants and just to get out. Nice drive and a mostly pleasant if quiet experience. It was weird doing something by myself, but I had a pretty decent time and found some gray jeans and a light sweater on sale. H&M is awesome!

2) I’ve spent most of this weekend by myself, hermited in my room. While it’s not the greatest for my emotional well-being, on top of my suspect-hormones, I’ve been keeping busy and enjoying my time with myself.

3) Because I had a solo dance party in my room. I even thought about how I could make it a more regular thing where I invite my friends over just to dance. And we get to control how awesome the music is, which isn’t hard because we know how to pick music that people actually dance to and not just white girl music. How can I make this work?

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