3 Things Supercut: April 7 – 13

I did these 3 things posts on my phone, but didn’t have a chance to properly motivate myself or managed my week better to put them up in time. It was a whirlwind of a week though!

Level Up, Life Skills! Job Points!         Monday 4-7

1) I came up with the Props and Penalties framework as a behavior management system and I’m pretty impressed with how it came out. I talked it over with my boss and I presented to the group tonight. Full implementation will happen next week, but I hope it’s successful.

2) Grocery shopping, I managed to get into the 12 items or less line and it only cost me about 25 bucks! Whoo, almost everything was healthy and I even got two sizes of baggies.

3) Finished with dinner and watching X-Files by 8:15pm. I made an asparagus, chicken and rice fried rice, yumms. It was very easy, tasty, and relatively quick, and I should do it more often.


Now Sissy That Walk : Tuesday 4-8

1) Tutor only night! I did so well and talked to lots of peoples even thought I was panicking at first. I even got the 8 ball in! Lots of work peeps and talked to our amazing volunteers. Talked to a dozen or so people and played a bit of pool. I wanna go back there to practice a bit.

2) Really enjoyed programs tonight. Science field trip with the girls, so fun! (They beat the boys actually) And then Music Night was amazing!! I almost cried when she sang that song C wrote about how much she feels like “we’re home.”

3) I made time for RuPaul because it was a long day and I wanted to see the double feature. Was not disappointed!


Perspective : Wednesday 4-9

1) Took my time coming in to work but was pretty productive day. Phone calls and emails to check in on students. Chatting with K, lunch at Izzys, and some article readings. I also tutored a college student looking for some math help. Wonder how he did on it…

2) I went shopping and got nice pants. It was a … frazzled shop experience, but I had a moment of clarity, where I had to think about when and where the best time to speak up is. Shit puts everything into perspective.

3) Got chicken wings on my way home and forgot all about it with some SNL.


Carbo Loading : Thursday 4-10

1) My good mood this week has helped with some ridic work situations. I’ve been weirdly calm about everything this week. But a very late email check came with some good news.

2) Told V about volunteering and social justice programs. I had some resources and wanted to connect her to some interests. I hope she does some of them.

3) I ate a lot of carbs today. Pizza at lunch meeting. Then Italian subs on fresh bread, so fantastically good! Then spent $2 hanging out with V and B out on a walk then some yummy bacon pineapple pizza and Gattaca, one of my favoritest movies ever.


Gettin Down on Friday : Friday 4-11

1) Went into work and got timesheets and survey done. Got some vent time with K, which was nice.

2) Shopping trip take two was much better. Very pleasant day, street parking, took myself out for a walk through the Commons. Hell yeah!

3) B & C dinner at El Oriental in JP. The food is so good I dream about it, and now I’ve only been twice. Srs guys. It was really nice to catch up with my buddies, heard about their trip to Puero Rico, next year, hanging out with the crew, etc. I need to do more to hang out with them more regularly.


Work Hard, Play Hard : Saturday 4-12

1) Taxes! I got some money back too, mostly because I owed them so much last year, but that’s awesome.

2) F hang out session with laundry and a mall trip. Walked around, got shoelaces for the new kicks, it’s nice to be out and about. The soap store was fun. Mall Thai = yum.

3) Dance night! Three straight hours of dancing amongst ladies, music was ups and downs but not terrible. No leads, but I’m just looking for a good dance (my thighs felt it later).


Suddenly Appears! : Sunday 4-13

1) Kitty time was the best and Disney Channel and Subway were too.

2) I got called for an interview! My friend SB forwarded my resume to someone and they called me about it. Flubbed a little bit at first, I was pretty unprepared for screening type interview questions over the phone. Oops, but I got an interview tomorrow afternoon, wtf! This just landed in my lap?? It’s happening all so fast.

3) Babycakes is 297, and I didn’t get any mealies for her, but we cuddled a little bit.

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