Supa Fly for a Monday

Monday 4-14

1) My interview went so well! Well, I think it might’ve for a few reasons. Don’t wanna get too ahead of myself, but she was beaming at me when I was talking about my experience and such, hinted that I might be good for her team, didn’t have a lot of feedback for me, AND we talked about Britney Spears. WHAT? It was a very nice chat actually.

2) Walked back to work, which my foot disagrees with, but it was windy and warm out. I “Treat Yo Self” with some Flour. Cornmeal and lime cookies – to die for – and a turkey sammich. Yums.

3) Finally sat down to update the blog, which makes me happy that I’m not quitting. I am hopeful that my tardiness pattern does not continue though. I need to make time to commit to my measly blog!

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