Friends as Family

Sunday 4-20

1) Roomie brunch with lots of licking (haha, ew). B and I ended up watching both Lara Croft movies and she’s right, this is why people think Angelina Jolie is hot. Lots of crotch shots and skimpy outfits. How does she walk around without frontal coverage in Russia? B says “she can’t zip it out cuz of her boobs.” I also saw how/why she got interested in international human rights issues from these movies.

2) Went over to B’s again to help cook dinner. Empanadas, guac, salsa, cinnamon rolls. So fucking good. I met new people at dinner and wasn’t completely inappropriate.

3) We ended the night with fun Cards Against Humanity, which was my second time playing. Lots of stuff going on in a game. Dynamics and politics, inner truths and cattiness comes out…

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