Weekly Life Checklist: April 14 – 20

My week started out pretty nice, then dipped, and then some more, but ended on a high note. I would say somewhere in the B range.

42/45 = 93% A-!

  • 3 Things Posts – (3.5) Definitely did not do them on time. I kept a record on my phone, but it’s Wednesday and I’m so late for updating.
  • Spending time with people you like and why – (5) Spent lots of time with lots of different groups, met new people and enjoyed myself greatly!
  • Sleeping well – (4) Still not getting there
  • Exercising – (5) Dancing, walking, moving about, my body feels good
  • Do things you’re good at – (4.5) Stitching lots, cooking, doing my job awesomely. I took off points for forgetting how to do interviews
  • Kind things for others – (5) Lots of late night rides, an errand for F, wrapping things up at work, etc
  • Creativity – (5) Again, I was doing stitching, finished up with the pink
  • Something fun – (5) Lots of fun and lots of laughing
  • Learn something new – (5) We’ll see how it goes, but something new about someone I’ve known for awhile.

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