All the Dates and Hanging Out!!

Saturday 5-31
1) Teasing pics and flirty texts so I rushed over to Buffalo Exchange and nothin :/ Walked to Shaws for lunch items and made my tomato and stuff soup.

2) Fantastic walk date around Somerville and Cambridge. Powderhouse Park with the Steampunk tea party to the Cambridge park with the swings and amazing grass, short shorts, and smooches.

3) Graduation cookout for C, quite fun, met her ‘family’ away from home and I can totally see why she enjoys hanging out there so much. Funny guys, shy sweetiepie. Foods!! and C’s funny friends.

4) NH drag show with K and her friends at 313. Raven was there and it was also Lady Sabrina’s birthday roast. D’s funny dancing and grinding to the two non EDM songs.


Tuesday 5-27
1) Visit to Fort Point! My old org and first year in AmeriCorps, it was nice to see people and catch up, not awks like last time but it was fun to see W and E. Saw Gestner he totally remembered me! Also saw JRay lady with her precious pup. We went to Flour and it was so yummys!

2) Walk over to H&M. Nothing to buy there but it was a nice walk. Commuting gave me some time to read too.

3) Star Trek and hang out with the roomies night.

In Her World

Monday 5-26
1) Life Alive with K and met two more friends L and N. ASL interpreters with a lot of sass, loves it. Tumblr drama lols. Tents and honey started here.

2) Saw her mom again. She showed me her room, some art and books. Then she jumped me! Again!

3) So late to the cookout, oops. Nekkid slip and slides with the boys. Yummy food, chatting on the deck. Watched stand up with K, her bro and wife who are pretty awesome.