Hella catch up

Wednesday 4-23
1) B came over and it was a little awk because I’m not sure how to become good and non-awkward friends. I like him a lot and wish it wasn’t so forced feeling. He hung out with my roomies too so that helped.

2) Updated the blog which was good, very late this week though. (Lol, finally adding it to my blog almost three weeks later, I didn’t even update this 3 things post, damn) I’m still very impressed with how much better I feel a couple of weeks after doing the gratitude challenge.

3) Texting my sis an getting romantic/relational coaching because I’m a hot awkward mess with my newest situation. I’m always too much in my head and having someone to help me edit is nice. I’m worried about the urgency of it all. My timing has never been great and I hope things can pick up after my vacation.

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