Friday 4-25
1) Britney Spears!! So awesome, we weren’t so close to the stage and couldn’t actually see her face but it was hella amazing! Circus, Toxic, You Drive Me Crazy, and Everytime were the best ones. Costumes photos afterward in the lobby area. The only downer were the straight couples in front of us, boo hesitant gross men.

2) Hakkasan with Calvin Harris. Lol, we paid to get in and it was very fun. EDM is eh, but it was such a good show and quite an experience. Confetti, balloons, dancers, lion dancer, other people’s sweat, getting stepped on. The two girls who were checking me out, all of it was pretty unexpectedly amazing.

3) Junk fooding all day was fun, Pinks? Met up with C at Urban for a Workaholics pic and D drove with us with an In-and-Out pit stop. 5:30am – 4 am with a mini 2 hour nap when my sis was driving. Woke up Saturday at 9 :/

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