New England Spring Date

Friday 5-9
1) O2, vegan lunch date, we were still nervous but it’s ok, we’re trying new things and I’m having fun. Expanding life!

2) Walk about Glow-cess-ter/Gloucester for N’s softball game. Book store, Pink dessert store and arts and crafts store. Walk by the coast, the rocks and the cannons. Hiking, family, relationship stories, toasters, breeders and hs drama. Art, chocolates, record store, fears and kids. Social vegetarianism. Game, good effort from Cambridge! Pretty fun, team sports, Cambridge v. Gloucester teams and crowds, cold butts and yelling mean things, roller derby. I wanted hot cocoa, a snuggie, and cuddles in the bleachers. Back home to my magical time machine/bed for a short “get warm session.”

3) B and more House of Cards marathon. Sucks you in and I totally get why now.

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