No Such Thing As Moderation in Vegas

Saturday 4-26
1) Walking! We spent the day walking up and down the Strip, and it was nice but all of us didn’t wear the right shoes and by the end of the day our feets hurt. Lots of fun though!

2) Shopping! Miracle Mile Shops -Britney necklace. Ceasar’s three floor H&M, Marc Jacobs and the Swatch store. I got mistaken for a guy at H&M’s bathroom. Venetian’s turducken Tao and Snoopalicious burlesque show lols. Fashion Mall was awesomely huge, Disney Store, Topman/shop, Sanrio Store, Hugo Boss model. End of the night gift shopping for the sibs at Mandalay Bay.

3) Food! Secret divey pizza spot in Aria, Italian pastry shop in Venetian, fancy Starbucks in Aria again, Rice in Luxor was pleasant and fun, movies conversation, ‘so you’re the idiot’ and ‘be aggressive!’ Back to Bellagio for crepes at the chocolate fountain store. Yummy food day, we were wiped and went home to sleep early!

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