So Much Flailing

Tuesday 4-29
1) Hung with B and watched Ru! Does I have a secondary gayboy? If so that’s awesome! Met his roomies, T was there for just a bit. It was quite fun.

2) My Facebook bear post was good! I enjoy shameless facebook trolling for likes but my pic is awesome. a few derpy faces too, but it worked!

3) Work was great and I got to flail about Britney Spears to everyone and showed my necklace and told my kid about Jerry Rice. I got to catch up with everyone in the office and it was fantastic!! Was pretty productive too, emails for interviews and recc letters for SCs. More flailing about and programs was a little hyper but it was good overall.

4) I kinda asked her out? She said she had plans with fam on Friday but maybe. Then I talked about drag shows and about saying I’d text her. Tomorrow mebbes?

5) Girl talk time after programs was fantastic we talked about quite a few crazy topics, V, S, K, N, S, and I blabbing about debates to creepos, being pregnant, X and R rated things, oops. Road rage, pedos, placentas, pee, friends who flail, Anime, smaller groups, celebration. It was really nice to hear and get to talk to everyone like that.

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