Vietnamese Food

Saturday 5-10

1) Watched movies with N and B, two different action movies and both were fantastic! We watched Running Man in the morning and the interesting 80s feel of the future/Hunger Games style was interesting. Predictions for 2017 are silly, and 3 years from now, weird. B and I watched Drunken Master with Jackie Chan, classic and he’s fantastic in the movie.

2) Dorchester trip for groceries, Target, and Vietnamese sandwiches. Quite the long adventure with a very scenic route, but it was fun. Stopped at the McDonald’s for a quick stop and the interesting Irish couple who were trying to contact someone with the pay phone…I wanted to help more but was afraid if I did get involved, how I would get away?

3) Cooked a fan favorite dinner of tomato, zucchini, and eggs. Over some rice = perfection! There’s also Bo Kho, which my dad makes so well and I don’t know how to make and it’s silly because of how silly easy it’s supposed to be.

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