You Make Me Feel

Wednesday 5-14

1) Work went better today, I was less weird and actually got some things done. It’s a little bizarre being back in the office and not being as busy or neededm which is actually a great thing. We went out for lunch at Bon Me and chatted before getting ice creams and it was so beautiful out!

2) After work, went to Life Alive, the most happening place for dinner, and I know why, the food is amazing! I’m still full after all that eating. Met up with K’s friends and they were both very different but quite funny and nice. I’m still awkward/weird about PDAs and being around K, still trying to figure it out.

3) Went to Cantab for poetry night! Open mic with lots of different poets, it was a lot of fun. Some really great stuff, some weird “what are they talking about” stuff, some sad things, and it inspired me to write her a little somethin somethin. We’ll see how it goes!

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