All I Need in This Life of Sin

Thursday 5-15

1) Interview was tough!! I made it on time and even finished up two Sudokus before it. The questions were a tough barrage of “do you think you’ll fit in” type questions. After talking with my buddy S about the interview process and laying in a park  for a bit, I felt a lot better about myself.

2) Lunch at H-Mart was good because I got to see my coworker K again and got all caught up on life. The ramen was tasty and I got some seaweed for later too *shakes booty for seaweed*

3) Had a conversation with K about our status, and it looks like we’re going official! Dunno if we’ll make it Facebook official, but things have never felt so right or easy. I should be careful though, because too much of a good thing…Really though, I’m happy, really like her, I feel like a better version of me, and we’re having lots of fun and doing lots of new things. It’s great.

4) Dinner with N&D was nice because we went and got Nepalese/Indian food and they got to meet K. Wasn’t too awkward or anything.

5) Queeraoke with the “doing gay things” crew. Saw some peeps I hadn’t in a while. Some friends K and T sang on stage and I should’ve gotten footage of it. Newbies to Queeraoke, it was a fantastic night. I held her hand and danced the night away. Gotta work on the PDAs (in general) but I thought I did a good job last night.

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