All The Dates!

Saturday 5-17

1) Woke up hella early (“slept in” according to K), ate breakfast and took a nice walk outside on the bike path in both directions. It was so nice to just walk and chat about all kinds of things. Such a nice day for it too!

2) We played OkCupid, which means I asked her to fill out more questions to make sure we’re compatible. It was a lot of fun actually, we talked about certain things and it’s cool to be able to do that. I know it’s silly, but it really did reassure me more that this is something special.

3) Walked to Stoop and Shoop for some vegan friendly groceries, and made cauliflower alfredo and pasta before watching some Xena. I accidentally fell asleep in her lap :< She went to get ready for the day when I was napping and came in looking so sexy, it was awesome.

4) Roller derby was so fun! We didn’t get to stay for the whole match, but the first game was great and I am really stepping up my PDA game now. So much that I worry our holding hands situation is gonna make people uncomfortable. I asked her about it and she said it was ok. She really wants to try out, and I know she’s gonna have tons of fun, but I was semi-teasing her about all the lady-groping that happens. Meh, I’ll get to watch 😀 I’m such a creep, what’s wrong with me?

5) Went to her brother and sis-n-law’s for a get-together, met a good chunk of her family and it was fun. Hot dogs with her younger brother, and met two of her other brothers. Lots of children, and a pup with alopecia. Pistachio cupcake and Despicable Me. Lol, a Leonardo DiCaprio obsession.

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