Weekly Life Checklist: May 12 – 18

I have no idea how well I did, this was over a month ago and I’m just backlog publishing my shiz on 6-22. Gonna reread my own life and try and grade it.

Didn’t the old lady drop this in the ocean in the end?

Let’s give me a A, and I don’t even know how to take off points for being late. I’ve actually failed out of college at this point in how late these are. Whatever.

52.5/45 = 117% A++, extra credit is getting a little excessive so I can try toning it down.

  • 3 Things Posts – (4) Did em on my phone but overly late wtf!
  • Spending time with people you like and why – (10) Early love, lots of hanging out and awkwardness and such, but it sounds amazing. I read through and that was basically our second week of dating. AWESOME. Met a bunch of her friends and family which was unexpected but great. They’re all pretty cool.
  • Sleeping well – (4.5) I do better when she’s around, I get a decent amount of sleep
  • Exercising – (5) Lots of walks, lots of sexytime/cardio, not enough dancing, but that’s ok
  • Do things you’re good at – (5) Went into work a few days, watched lots of movies, did bits and pieces of writing (which I later found out that she read! before I was done with the piece!!)
  • Kind things for others – (4) Didn’t find hard evidence of this, but I feel like hanging out and meeting her friends and family kinda count?
  • Creativity – (5) Wrote some stuff after our poetry date
  • Something fun – (10) All the fun things, walks, cooking, movies, Queeraoke, youth experiments, and roller derby to name a few
  • Learn something new – (5) Learned lots about Cutieface

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