Back That U-Haul Up!

Tuesday 5-20
1) Woke up next to a cutie and it was so nice. She ate breakfast and we watched some Xena then took a quick nap together.

2) Lunch at Diesel, we stared at each other and talked about our first times. She bought me a yummy turkey sammich and we came home for a chat, a Facebook update and we’re Facebook official!! So much love ❤ All the feels about this but she’s too amazing to say no to, which is dangerous 😀

3) Finally convinced her to let me help her move, but she somehow managed to twist into paying for gas and dinner. I negotiated back to get next dinner, but I offered a long time ago to help her move and silly wouldn’t let me. We drove up for Life Alive dinner and ‘met’ her parents for a quick second before coming back to Cambridge where she’s staying for the summer. Sweet people, and she forgot all her stuff again. Hottie in a fox sweater and sweatpants *drool*

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