All The Randoms

Wednesday 5-21
1) Novartis trip was decent success, being around the kids is pretty exhausting again and I’m not so used to it anymore. It’s nice to see them and get to feel that energy again though.

2) Lunch was Life Alive and I got a chance to office banter with K, M and other K. We talked and learned about mucus in the human body, gross and fascinating.

What I have to say about mucus on the brain:
3) Drove K home, had to say goodbye, but got a chance to hang with roomie B. We watched Nina’s Heavenly Delights which is summed up in this short dialogue:

‘So this Scottish-Indian woman has to cook and win a curry competition to avenge the memory of her father?’

‘All while dealing with ladylove’

We also had a humongous ant interlude. We got bug problems…



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