Clean Slate

Monday 6-30
1) Slept in with babeh. She sleeps like a log, so I also got some extra sleep shifts. It’s weird, I sleep for a few hours and wake up for a little bit then go back to sleep, it’s weird…

2) Did some work from home, lots of Excel spreadsheets, so yay.

3) Lost all my Firefox tabs but it’s always kinda nice to be released from my hoarding tendencies. It allows me to start over and not have to find a reason to keep something I was holding onto for whatever reason. The only problem is I sometimes lose some really important tabs like the ones that are totally all about K and how amazing and beautiful she is and how lucky I am :/

Come On Dudeguy

Sunday 6-29 BL
1) Woke up lazy FB time with K by my side. She deleted a pic I took of her and I got upset. Not crazy? :/ We made up just in time for a late and yummy shower.

2) Dropped cutie off at HoB to stake out her band dude. Would later do some research on him and he seems pretty cool. Will discuss with cutieface shortly…

3) I went to go see F and do some laundry. We had a pretty fatty lazy Sunday, with game time, fast foods, and some Dance Central. I’m surprisingly bad at choreographed dancing :< It’s ok though cuz the game is still fun.

4) Picked cutie up, no luck on meeting her dudeguy :/ But I hope I made up for it, for a total of three good nights in a row 😉

Neverending Date 2

Saturday 6-28 BL
1) Woke up for serious sexytime and feeling all light headed. Again. Honeymoon phase and everything right?

2) Got Chipotle for lunch and sat in the martial arts park and talked about tattoos for a while. She said “tattoos are hot” so I tried my best to troll her and ask about weird tattoos, like potatoes, rainbows, and teddy bears.

3) Her sis-in-law came by and we went on a Garment District adventure. I got a dino hoodie, browsed through some vintage clothes. I played with necklace layering, and also tried on a few vests, ties, and blazers, which K enjoyed. A lot.

4) Roller derby mix up/denial, so we went to Clover and chica was flirting with me, whoops. I’m just friendly? Back to derby and we met up with more of K’s friends. Texas Hell’s Mary team, we beat em this week.

5) Went home for “Scrabble” instead of going out and I won several times over 😀

The Weeping Woman

Friday 6-27 BL
1) In my new sleep pattern, I wake up extremely early for whatever reason. This morning I caught the early morning sunrise and a little after that, an intense and awesome fog that covered the green lands outside. “The view from B’s summer house is amazing.”

2) We got up and went for lunch at the Lone Wolf. Got pancakes and bacon and soy sausage then took a walk and talked shit out. It was tough but we started a conversation about jealousy and got some things hashed out. Kissed under a weepy tree and enjoyed the day.

3) Puffers Pond was a load of fun! We had a very nice walk around the pond, encountered some pee issues and ended up by the waterfall with no phone for pics and awkwardness ruining romantic moments. No worries, I’m bringing my phone the next time we come back.

4) B got out of work and we went to Cushman’s for a snack then for a hike on Bear Mountain. Rock slide central and a bit of a rock quarry detour. The top was amazing, we can see the whole valley of the Five Colleges.

5) Back to B’s to pick up G and we went to get ice cream at Flayvors Farm. “My belly is full of guilt” and it was so good tho.

6) Drive home was uncomfy 😦 We got home and showered and talked some more about jealousy. It’s a really hard conversation to have but I’m glad we did. I’m seriously the crying woman, by the phones, from Orange is the New Black.

Click for more Weeping Woman

7) But makeup secks is the best! I got her so good she couldn’t function anymore. Sleepy baby is the cutest! “20 minutes on your watch” I also killed a mosquito and finally fell asleep.

Its A Beautiful Life

Thursday 6-26 BL
1) Packed our things, including all the groceries from yesterday??, and went to the RMV for a quick visit before heading to Amherst!

2) Went for Vietnamese foods at Amherst at a place called Miss Saigon. I got some pho and it was pretty tasty, no Dorchester, but for a small Viet place out in the boonies, not too shabby.

3) B’s current summer house is the most beautiful scenery ever. He’s got a fantastic view of the hills and an expanse of fields. They live across the street from some cows and the sky is amazingly large and the air smells great! We drove over for a NoHo adventure with B and his boyfriend G. First the brewery for some drinks and people watching and then we walked around Smith. The pond and the trails out back were great. Nice and positive graffiti in the smoking shed.

4) Back home for hang out time with B and G’s roomies. Musics, chillin and the great pizza.

Raunchy & Hot

Wednesday 6-25 BL
1) Got up and did a full set of exercises. Which isn’t actually too much but I did it instead of FB. Good for me!

2) Grocery shopping with cutieface and we got all kinds of things for tacos and more. Made a healthy salad for lunch with far too many cucumbers.

3) Planned on going to see 22 Jump Street, because it was too hot outside to do much else, but we ended up doing other activities for four hours 😉 and definitely got all light headed and dehydrated because of it. Whoops.