Weekly Life Checklist: May 26 – June 1

Lower A range?

38.5/45 = 86% B, Dang, too much socializing and not much else really brought my grade down

  • 3 Things Posts – (4) Late per usual
  • Spending time with people you like and why – (5) Meeting more of her friends and family, my old org, roomies, crew, bbq, 313
  • Sleeping well – (3) Definitely found some very late nights
  • Exercising – (5) Some dancing and a little walking, sexytimes added in count right?
  • Do things you’re good at – (3.5) Didn’t see many examples of skillz, but I think there was lots of socializing involved
  • Kind things for others – (4) Checking in counts
  • Creativity – (3) Don’t think I did much in the creative realm this week
  • Something fun – (6) So Social Wow, movies, Saturday was jam packed
  • Learn something new – (5) I did 2048 finally!

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