Weekly Life Checklist: June 2 – 8

Here’s hoping that I did better than B like last week’s I have a good feeling I’ll be in the A range this week.

43/45 = 96% A!

  • 3 Things Posts – (4) Late points off
  • Spending time with people you like and why – (5) F, viewing party, poetry and derby with K’s friends, and our endless dates
  • Sleeping well – (4) Not too late I hope?
  • Exercising – (5) Abs challenge, I was good and kept on top of it
  • Do things you’re good at – (5) Cooking a few times, groceries success, plenty of social time, etc.
  • Kind things for others – (5) Errands for my crew, dishes for roomies
  • Creativity – (5) Stitch case, writing after poetry night, some cooking – this category is consistently linked to my do things you’re good at rating…
  • Something fun – (5) All the fun things! hanging out, roller derby, poetry, awkward and unending dates
  • Learn something new – (5) Internet fun day was preceded by lots of culling through the internet, I always learn stuff.

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