Hot Mess 1

Wednesday 6-11

1) Cried the whole day. K asked me at work and cried a bit. After work I burst into tears cuz I wanted to hang out. Kept going all day. K was so supportive and understanding. Hormones and stress making me extra ridiculous, great…

2) Interviews at work went well. Got to see the kids again and E kept saying how nice it was to have me back in the office.

3) F and M came over for a few slices with me and K and that was fun. We just had a quick night of chatting and bullshitting, but I think it was one of the first times he’s come over to my place in a while.

4) We talked about feelings and she thanked me for letting her in. It was therapy time and now I have more to process but it’s all out there and we can have adult conversations about these things.

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