Weekly Life Checklist: June 9 -15

Let’s say B+ / A- range.

41/45 = 91% A-, I’m gettin good at this!

  • 3 Things Posts – (4) Tardiness
  • Spending time with people you like and why – (5) K time, work volunteer thing, family phone call, all the pride stuff, K’s friends, my friends
  • Sleeping well – (4) Plenty of late nights 😉
  • Exercising – (5) Still doing ab workout, some dancing, walking, and other workouts 😉
  • Do things you’re good at – (5) Feeling work accomplished, relationship accomplished, spring roll success, and productive on Monday
  • Kind things for others – (5) Seeing friends and doing little things for em
  • Creativity – (3) Cooking only kind of counts this week, didn’t do much else
  • Something fun – (5) PRIDE, movies, crying, OitNB, and GoT finale
  • Learn something new – (5) I met some peoples at the Pride tables and I might think about becoming a comissioner

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