A Month Behind

“As children, many of us are warned to “get your head out of the clouds,” but as a Leo, one of the truly creative signs along with Pisces, you know that daydreaming is the prelude to exciting creative endeavors. Early this month, rather than to do LESS daydreaming, I want you to do MORE. Imagine your life like a little movie, and set the scene down to the tiniest details. Scientists say the brain processes the future the same way it processes memories and the past – the more detail you add to your future daydream, the more likely you will achieve it and play that starring role.”


Shifting, changes in this past month. Shit is happening so quick, I pause for a quick breath. Inhale, exhale. I’ve been writing down my 3 things every day, but haven’t had enough time or motivation to update lately. Various reasons. I’ve been feeling down lately though and looked up my horoscope and this came up. Brought out some feels. It’s ok, I’m working on it!

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