My Oh Shit Moment

Thursday 6-19
1) Workshop was very interesting. Mostly about motivation and the stages of change. We did an interesting activity where we discover the roots of resistance to change and basically come up with the most underlying reason why we do certain things or behave in certain ways and I had the “oh shit” moment of why this blog has been so hard to maintain and share with other people. Will update you on that later but it’s very interesting to think about now.

2) Met up with cutieface and we had a very pleasant, if creepfilled, lay about the rooftop garden. It was sooo nice!

3) Middle school graduation! I had a bunch of 8th graders I’ve worked with and saw a handful of other students who used to be with us. It shows the kind of impact I’ve had in the past few years. I know they’re not gonna remember me forever but I will remember most of them. And if I can have an impact on just one or two, I’ll have made a difference and I’ll have changed the world! In my own little way, I hope to change lives for the rest of my life.

4) Community appreciation event, sick church ceiling condo with library ladders for their wine rack. Our community partner V who has more energy than the energizer rabbit (she sat down for a second and popped up and told me all abt her orthopedic shoes instead) bought the church and renovated it with her husband. Ridic. There were young people who spoke from the heart about the impact of the community organization on their lives. There were the most amazing macaroons! Awkwardly patted/hugged/embraced V as we left, lulz.

5) Cutieface and I met up after dinner and we watched MLP for a bit before I rocked her world a few times. I’m going for a record 😉

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