Emo Time Redux

Monday 6-23

1) Took a walk out to pick up some food down the street. I usually would just take my car for that trip, but it was such a nice day I just walked it there and back. Lemon Thai is so yummy. Those chicken wings tho.

2) Lots of FB time all day.

3) Had a hard time doing much else for the day and ended up solo emotional time (again?!). It was nice though because I managed to get some very angsty writing done. I also txted and asked my sis for advice, she’s gotten quite wise and knowledgeable over the years. It was nice to catch up and let her know what’s up with me lately, and I got to talk about her stuff too. K patiently waited until I was ready to talk and we did, it was nice, but I had a lot to unpack – lots of stuff going on emotionally lately. I just miss her a bunch and it sux.

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