Its A Beautiful Life

Thursday 6-26 BL
1) Packed our things, including all the groceries from yesterday??, and went to the RMV for a quick visit before heading to Amherst!

2) Went for Vietnamese foods at Amherst at a place called Miss Saigon. I got some pho and it was pretty tasty, no Dorchester, but for a small Viet place out in the boonies, not too shabby.

3) B’s current summer house is the most beautiful scenery ever. He’s got a fantastic view of the hills and an expanse of fields. They live across the street from some cows and the sky is amazingly large and the air smells great! We drove over for a NoHo adventure with B and his boyfriend G. First the brewery for some drinks and people watching and then we walked around Smith. The pond and the trails out back were great. Nice and positive graffiti in the smoking shed.

4) Back home for hang out time with B and G’s roomies. Musics, chillin and the great pizza.

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