The Weeping Woman

Friday 6-27 BL
1) In my new sleep pattern, I wake up extremely early for whatever reason. This morning I caught the early morning sunrise and a little after that, an intense and awesome fog that covered the green lands outside. “The view from B’s summer house is amazing.”

2) We got up and went for lunch at the Lone Wolf. Got pancakes and bacon and soy sausage then took a walk and talked shit out. It was tough but we started a conversation about jealousy and got some things hashed out. Kissed under a weepy tree and enjoyed the day.

3) Puffers Pond was a load of fun! We had a very nice walk around the pond, encountered some pee issues and ended up by the waterfall with no phone for pics and awkwardness ruining romantic moments. No worries, I’m bringing my phone the next time we come back.

4) B got out of work and we went to Cushman’s for a snack then for a hike on Bear Mountain. Rock slide central and a bit of a rock quarry detour. The top was amazing, we can see the whole valley of the Five Colleges.

5) Back to B’s to pick up G and we went to get ice cream at Flayvors Farm. “My belly is full of guilt” and it was so good tho.

6) Drive home was uncomfy 😦 We got home and showered and talked some more about jealousy. It’s a really hard conversation to have but I’m glad we did. I’m seriously the crying woman, by the phones, from Orange is the New Black.

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7) But makeup secks is the best! I got her so good she couldn’t function anymore. Sleepy baby is the cutest! “20 minutes on your watch” I also killed a mosquito and finally fell asleep.

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