Neverending Date 2

Saturday 6-28 BL
1) Woke up for serious sexytime and feeling all light headed. Again. Honeymoon phase and everything right?

2) Got Chipotle for lunch and sat in the martial arts park and talked about tattoos for a while. She said “tattoos are hot” so I tried my best to troll her and ask about weird tattoos, like potatoes, rainbows, and teddy bears.

3) Her sis-in-law came by and we went on a Garment District adventure. I got a dino hoodie, browsed through some vintage clothes. I played with necklace layering, and also tried on a few vests, ties, and blazers, which K enjoyed. A lot.

4) Roller derby mix up/denial, so we went to Clover and chica was flirting with me, whoops. I’m just friendly? Back to derby and we met up with more of K’s friends. Texas Hell’s Mary team, we beat em this week.

5) Went home for “Scrabble” instead of going out and I won several times over 😀

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