Storytelling is an Art

Wednesday 7-2 BL

1) Went for a school admin meeting with EL and she has such a way with people. We learned a bunch about E at the school and my boss EL was just asking about her life. Lots to learn from and aspire to.

2) Lunch with cutieface at Life Alive was fun. Hella hot walk, but we enjoyed a side by side lunch date. Older couple also on a Cambridge date, complete with Facebook and some shame. Lol.

3) Story time with EL and P when we were trying to go home. Fun to hear about the good ol’ days and EL has some incredible stories about her past careers and troublemakin’ days. Woodstock, politics, bartending, special education $10,500 teaching job. So interesting, I want her to write a book.

4) Bad timing for sexytimes, but we talked about all sorts of things instead. I have this terrible knack for ruining moments, have I mentioned this before? #foreverawkward

5) Late night dinner. Garlic, potato, broccoli, quinoa scramble = so good! Gotta cook dem potatoes better next time but damn it was so tasty.

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